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Tax Information

Council Tax or IBI : You may never have received a bill, however council tax is payable to the local town hall in Los Alcazares. If you visit the town hall they will set up a direct debit with the bank or you can take your bill into your bank and ask them to pay it for you. If you have not paid your council tax, this will be accruing against the property along with added interest and fines


Non-Residents Income Tax : Tax is payable by all non-residents based on the ‘Catastral Value’ (valor catastral) of the property. The ‘Catastral Value’ can be found on your council tax bill. You can work out your payments due for non residents tax on line, via the following 

At the top right of the page click on the language you require. Then select ‘direct access’ – In the drop down menu select ‘non resident taxation’. Click ‘Income Tax for non residents without permanent establishment’. Select Form (modelo) 210 and fill this in as instructed


Tax base (base imponible) : Currently 1.1% of the ‘catastral value’  the tax is 19% of this figure, divided by the number of owners, who each have to complete & sign the form. Tax for the year is payable by 31st Dec of the following year (i.e. 2019 tax is payable by 31st Dec 2020)

NB: Tax has to paid by each owner, so if the property is owned by two people two forms have to be submitted (but of course you each pay half the tax due)

Car Tax : This is again payable at the town hall in Los Alcazares – if you take your car documents along and your NIE number they will print you off an invoice which can be paid at your local bank

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