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Swimming Pools -

The pools are for exclusive use of residents and their visitors. If renting, please use the pool for your allotted property.


The following rules have been set for your health and safety and to minimise the occasions when it is necessary to close the pool for unscheduled maintenance.

  1. Always shower before entering the pool to remove sun-cream etc. do not use soap or shampoo in the pool shower (This helps keep the pool filters clean)

  2. No jumping, diving or bombing into the pool; no rough play, e.g. standing on shoulders etc. (There have been a number of times where people have hurt themselves on the edge or bottom of the pool or have landed on others. No one wants to visit the hospital on their holiday…)

  3. No inflatables or body boards allowed in the pool – they take up too much room! Although of course swimming & safety aids for young children such as armbands & small rings are allowed

  4. No ball or throwing games allowed in the pool

  5. No children under 12 allowed in the pool without an accompanying adult over the age of 18 years

  6. Young children / babies must wear waterproof nappies or suitable swimwear (This is for health & safety reasons. If pools have to be closed in order to clean them, it can mean them being closed for days & costs the community a lot of money)

  7. T-shirts allowed if plain white (no coloured t shirts as the dye can contaminate the water)

  8. Long hair to be tied up or swimming cap worn 

  9. No music in the garden or pool areas, please consider others

  10. Female topless sunbathing is not permitted


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