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Blue bins

Paper and cardboard (but not cardboard tetra-brik containers used for drinks and broth, these go in the yellow): These bins might be all blue or grey with a strip of blue and they usually say “solo papel y carton plegado” (only paper and folded cardboard).


Lighter Green round bins with a small opening

Not the square dark green bins, those are for ordinary rubbish/garbage


Glass containers (remember no windows, etc.) these often feature a curious drawing of a smiling bottle gathering together a variety of smaller bottles and accompanied by the words “vidrio si, gracias” (glass yes, thank you). Sometimes these round bins may have commissioned artwork covering the entire surface.


Yellow bins

Tins cans, tetra-brik cartons, and plastic (bags, bottles, etc.). This seems to be the most confusing of the bins, as the yellow ones receive the most inappropriate material, like CDs etc.


Dark Green bins

General rubbish

Orange bins

Not shown. You won’t see these as much but they’re for recycling used cooking oil, reciclado de aceite usado de cocina. Many specifically explain to fill a plastic bottle with the oil and deposit the bottle in the orange bin. Pouring used cooking oil down the drain can cause a series of problems including clogging pipes while recycled oil can be used for things like making soap or even as biodiesel for sustainable transportation.

(There are now recycling & bottle bins on Calle Islas Columbretes also)

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