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Welcome to El Divino, a residency of apartments and houses which is a permanent home for some owners and a holiday home for others. There are owners of many different nationalities including Spanish, British, German, Irish, Hungarian, Norwegian, Swedish and more. Accordingly we need to respect the wishes and needs of everyone in the community. We are proud to have and want to keep our reputation for high-quality accommodation with well-maintained swimming pools and gardens.

Code of Conduct

To ensure that everyone enjoys their stay, the community has agreed a ‘code of conduct’ which should be followed at all times. If you are visiting or renting a property, these rules should have been given to you prior to booking and should be on display in your apartment or house. There are reminders of some of the specific rules posted on the main entrance gates and around the pool areas. 

These rules have been agreed for safety and so that everyone can enjoy themselves.                      


Please treat your fellow guests with respect by refraining from:

  • Using abusive language

  • ​​Drunken behaviour

  • ​​Any form of disrespect to pool attendants, security guards, or staff

  • Loud Music

  • Noise after midnight


  • Pools are for the use of residents and guests of El Divino only

  • Please do not let people into the complex without seeing a red main gate key

  • If you’re renting please use the pool on the side of your allotted property. The owner or agent will tell you which one – this is to prevent overcrowding

  • Use of the pool and garden areas are at your own risk


Please behave to others as you would have them behave to you


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Gates & Access into the complex


Over the past few years a number of burglaries have taken place on the complex. It seems very likely that the perpetrators are slipping in behind people coming on or out. In normal circumstances it is considered polite to hold the gates open for people; however, please do not hold the gates for anyone without asking to see a red main gate key.

If they cannot produce one, then please apologise and say you simply cannot allow them entry without one. If they are genuine they will understand. If they get angry or aggressive then simply offer to call the police. 

It may seem rude but it’s the simplest way to prevent unauthorised entry to the complex and prevent the heartache of having your property stolen. This also prevents people from outside coming in to use the pool areas. 


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